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Early sets the winter sun
turning out the lights of day and
bringing frosty crisp night skies and
stealing away the last of earth’s warm breath.

Darkness grows ever longer
creating hunger in every creature for
return of tepid sunlight if even for
a few moments eked out mid-day.

Winter’s wanderer finds no solace
following the short-lived sun nor
discerns any path in darkened landscape nor
senses hope on grey morn horizons.

Darkness lengthens to cover day
until its weight tips the earth’s axis with
the battle between light and dark ending with
winter’s solstice declaring light the victor for now.

Tide of darkness ebbs and flows
washing earth and life pathway of
no one overconfidently striding out of
the other side of night.

Hunkered under coverings
made from earth, stone, wood and
wool, cotton, fir, leather and
set next to fire-filled stove

winter’s traveler marks the time
by the lengthening days that
warm tree, bush and ground that
spring to life with thawing sap.

Hope returns as light expands
filling up the hours of each day to
replace cold long nights to
give hope and light for every journey.

Timidly every creature tests marshy ground
each muddy path leading further into
days that longingly look into
the other side of night.

©Weatherstone/Ron Almberg, Jr. (2010)

Winter Morning, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Winter 2007

Winter Morning, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Winter 2007 ©Weatherstone/Ron Almberg, Jr. (2007)

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