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Everything you always suspected but could never get confirmed by a reputable news source….

“The Shocking Truth About Okra!”  ©1987, 2007 by Joe Hickman, editor and Doctor of Okra.

It is a well-known fact that common garden insects will NOT eat okra.  Neither will uncommon garden insects.  That should tell you something.

Some say okra is a vegetable; others say it’s a fruit.  Most people can’t recall ever having said anything at all about okra.  Except possibly, “Are those legless geckos sleeping near my mashed potatoes?”

Even people who don’t eat okra may find it useful — for example, as a green plumb-bob for a vegetarian architect.

A pod of okra on a gold chain makes an excellent conversation piece.  You can tell everyone that’s it’s an Elk’s tooth — with plaque.

Okra can be boiled, fried, steamed, or pickled.  But no matter what you do to it, it still tastes exactly like okra.

Remember, boiled okra is so slippery, you may think you’re swallowing little green oysters.

Consuming fried okra north of the Mason-Dixon line is considered gastric perversion and may lead close friends to refer to you as “magnolia breath.”

You campers will be happy to hear that dried okra makes great bio-degradable tent stakes.

Please beware of the Great Okra Swindle.  Certain unethical supermarkets are painting okra yellow and attempting to sell it as miniature Peruvian bananas.  You can sure tell the difference in a banana pudding.

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DQ Sign:  cheesecake lizzards

DQ Sign: cheesecake lizzards

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