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Mount Rainier, Washington State, Summer 2003

Mount Rainier, Washington State, Summer 2003 ©Weatherstone/Ron Almberg, Jr. (2010)

Morning dampness fades away
before the warmth of your glow
as you chase away the dark.
Rising mists shrink back down
and return to pond and bog
as you rise.
Damsel fly and dragon-fly take wing
to skip along thermal winds
as you lift warming air.
Heat of day brightens the landscape
bending and waving the air
as you bake the earth in your heat.
My arms burn red and my brow spills sweat
as your bright yellow orb begins its descent.
Warm blankets of wind surround and swirl about me
as your globe touches the western horizon.
Evening coolness winds its way
over the darkening landscape
as you descend into darkness
leaving us anxious for your return
in the opposite sky
to begin for us
a new warm day.

©Weatherstone/Ron Almberg, Jr. (2010)

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